Duncan Sheik 'Circling'

This guy. Rides a piano riff for 6 minutes and makes it brilliant.

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What can I say
I think I had enough
I think you keep playing to play
Knowing that I feel sick
C’mon just say it
Just say you like to play this game
Just to drive me wild

I let you pretend
But you know truth is that
Like you love this game

This time there’s a common thread

And so I sit
And watch you play dumb

I’d like to see you play with the odds on your plate instead
Come on just say it
Just say you like to keep this pace
Just to drive me wild

There’s a constant theme this time
There’s a common thread
That keeps me hanging tight
And it tells me something’s right

// Deftones


what if I said

of all faces

I want to you awake to see yours?

it will be in my mind’s eye anyhow

the flesh is what matters

and yours matters most

©2014 Dan Fury

I tried to chase you down 
To spill my guts 
But you are wiser than I thought
I still wonder what would happen 
if I could catch you
Please let me catch you


©2014 Dan Fury


the sound of your voice is tearing me apart.

maybe someday I’ll sing a happy song about the day I let you in.

I feel like I’m mourning the loss of something I never had.

and I’ve felt this before.

oh, I’ve felt it before.

anything to get the song out of my head tonight.

but, you look like you have something to say.

you always do.


©2014 Dan Fury


And there she is
Living her new life.
One I had no desire for.
But she used to be mine in the middle of the night
In places we paid to sleep
And places I didn’t belong.
She’d fill my glass just enough to ease the guilt.
But really, it was fun.
22 and dangerous.
23 and hopefully forgetful.
24 and nostalgic in secret.
And years go by.
And she still owes me one more.
And there she is.


a little part of you
and a little part of me
will always wish for a bigger part of each other


Buried on New Year’s Eve

I buried myself in your mouth for the first time

On the eve of that new year.


It was a night of firsts

And in the morning, it was clear the world was a different place

And your plans were broken.


You knew I was different

And you made the most of it.

I was fooled by your artifice

Which cast a shadow over your perversion.


It took months to see through

And it’s been years since I called your bluff.

Still, I smell your skin in my daydreams

And I love that scent.


Our experiences etched deep lines

And we could never stay together on one side or the other.


I know you still see my eyes

In the darkest hours of the night.

You feel my teeth, my fist of your hair

And my deepest breathe.


And you know it will never end.


©2013 Dan Fury

Tags: poetry

Kaddisfly - March 2013


©2013 Dan Fury


I remember that night in New York City
Too scared too touch her
But did she want me to?
Foiled again by chivalry
and uncertainty.
My consciousness dissected that day
Between possible future and the fleeting present
Part of me is still in that apartment
But she is long gone.

- Dan Fury // 2013